Who We Are

ALTECH INNOVATIONS TRADING, INC. is a duly registered corporation under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with an advocacy and area of expertise to raise the level of awareness for innovative technologies that help in protecting and nurturing the environment.

Our product line is focused on ALternative TECHnologies that are applicable for the Philippine Environment laws with the following categories:


  • Republic Act 8435  (RA 8435)  - Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997


  • Republic Act 8749 (RA 8749) - Philippine Clean Air of 1999


  • Republic Act 9003 (RA 9003) - Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000


  • Republic Act 9275  (RA 9275) - Philippine Clean Water of 2004


  • Republic Act 9513 (RA 9513) - Renewable Energy Act of 2008


Our objective is to determine the factors existing in our surrounding which mainly affects the quality and sustainability of our Environment.

A lot of factors have been considered that pollutes our air, land and seas. We think that it is high time to be more concerned and cautious with every human consumption. From the quality of the air we breathe, the quality of soil we use for production (Agriculture and Livestock) or for domain, and the quality of our seas where we also harvest for human consumption.

All of these concerns have their solution based technologically innovative approach in line, which not only enhances the protection of our Environment, but are graded for its sustainable attributes.

That is why we are taking the task of gathering these technologies now existing and functional around the world and gradually introduce it in our country and help contribute in community development and nation building.

Allow us to provide you with ALternative TECHnologies within your reach.





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